A morte é um dia que vale a pena viver

Death is maybe the greatest fear of most people, further to still being a taboo. Despite such, in this book, Dr. Arantes shows us that the major issue involving death is, in fact, life. How are we living? Are we fully enjoying our lives or are we going to end our journey having regrets about things we did, or, worse still, things we have not done?

Ana Cláudia Quintana Arantes, a medical doctor specializing in Palliative Care, shares her personal and professional experiences and encourages people to cultivate healthy relationships, take care of themselves with the same dedication as they take care of their relatives and friends, and try to have healthy habits, without giving up doing what they wish and makes them happy.

This book presents a fundamental and opportune reflection, because we live in a time where we are plagued by the constant feeling that life is slipping through our fingers.


New edition, revised and expanded
A morte é um dia que vale a pena viver
Editora Sextante – ISBN 9788543107202
192 pages


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